Upcoming​ Events​

'Music in Light of​ the Bible' Conference 

Howe Community Centre

1 Turnbull Lane , Bournemouth 

BH11 9BG

2nd November-3rd November 2018

 Perry Demopoulos comes from a family of music. At the young age of 9, Perry took up drums and later percussion. His professional musical background is quite extensive. He had worked as a free-lance drummer/ percussionist working in clubs, dance halls, concert halls playing various forms of music; jazz, blues, rock and classical musics, working in cities such as Chicago and New Orleans. At the age of 26, after his salvation his musical direction completely changed. He currently teaches a music seminar using a long coloured chart and various audio recordings of many styles of music showing the various stages of music from eternity past through to eternity future. He shows just where the leaven begins that has crept into the modern Laodicean churches. Special emphasis is made explaining a clear demarcation between pure music that glorifies God and the subtleties of Satan's music that is destroying churches and families. You do not want to miss this all-important issue of music. 

This is a free event but places are limited so please contact us if you would like to come. We have booked the Howe Community Centre for the conference so we can have more people come and hear this important teaching on music. Aimed at worship leaders and church groups but all are welcome. Please pass it on to your church.

Lunch will be provided on Saturday plus tea and coffee.

Men's Street Preaching Conference 

August 24th-27th August 2018

A weekend away in London, based on street preaching. A great time for fellowship with others who also have a desire to preach the gospel in the open air. Pastors and other experienced ministers of the gospel will be teaching on this much-needed Christian ministry. We will then head into the city to practice what we preach!

Contact Pastor Dickens for all the info. 

2018 Tent Meeting. 


The Lord blessed us with a great week of teaching and fellowship.

The sun shone (unlike last year!!), and we enjoyed the warm summer evenings singing and praising the Lord Jesus.

God blessed us with a good turn out each night and a young lady accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour. 

The dog walkers in the park heard the gospel too! 

People don't always come to a Sunday service so the church goes to the people.  This is why we do the open air meetings and street preaching.

If you missed it this summer then keep checking our website and Lord willing we'll do it all again next year.

Tent Meeting. 

Broadstone Recreation, Broadstone, BH18 8NZ 

18th June - 22nd June 2018

We are so pleased to announce that Brother Jim Van Voltenberg is bringing his tent to Broadstone.

Last year we had a very blessed week of outdoor gospel preaching, teaching and singing the classic hymns.

You are welcome to join us at 7pm, Monday June 18th to Friday 22nd June at 7pm.

Brother Jim is Pastor at Bible Baptist Church in Dundee, Scotland.

He will be assisted by Howard Alverson from the USA and other guest speakers.

This event is FREE and we do not ask you for an offering.

The free car park is located off Lower Blandford Road.